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Working Relationships

Ruby Barnes

Ruby Barnes

I am interested in becoming a filmmaker, particularly within the comedy/drama genre, however I am fascinated with the making of…

Collaborative Working

I believe the most important factors in working with others in film production are listening, being decisive, being punctual and prepared. Factors can often affect others negatively or positively, especially punctuality and preparation, as it can limit or stop others from doing their job therefore causing frustration and stress. However, good listening and being decisive can often create a relaxed atmosphere, which consequently means others are likely to perform better and enjoy themselves.

Filmmaking relies on collaboration. Even if a person makes a film single-handedly, to distribute the film and create interest or money communication is needed t ensure this. It is important to work collaboratively as often people bring different skillsets and talent therefore, collaboration often results in a utilisation of as many of these skills as possible. If this democratic style of filmmaking is not chosen it could result in members of the production team becoming frustrated as they feel obsolete and therefore may not produce their best work.

As producer I ensured that all members of the production team were happy and that each aspect was organised. I believe I worked well with others as I listened and allowed each member to showcase their skills and have an input. For instance, I was chosen to write the description for our film when it is posted onto YouTube. Instead of writing it all myself, I wrote a basic plan and structure and then asked for everyone’s opinion and whether they would want to add anything. Although I wrote the majority of the description, a few lines were added which others believed were also relevant, and it was edited to make it more concise. Therefore we ended with a much better result than if I had worked solely on my own, ad discovered what other members thought was the most prominent aspects to the film.


  1. Sarah Belfield

    Hi Ruby this shows really good understanding of the factors needed to work well in a production team and the importance of working collaboratively. You were a great asset to your team. Well done. You have achieved learning outcome 3: develop effective working relationships with film production team members

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