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Ruby Barnes

Ruby Barnes

I am interested in becoming a filmmaker, particularly within the comedy/drama genre, however I am fascinated with the making of…



Copyright is a legal right that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights to its use and distribution. It stops other creators from using your content and enables the creators (e.g. author of a book) to receive compensation. Music, books, film, photographs are commonly copyrighted. If copyrighted material is used in my work then it may be taken down from a site, if the material copyrighted is of significant value this could lead to prosecution or being fined. To ensure that I do not infringe copyright restrictions I would do research on any outside material used, pay for the content if it is copyrighted, find copyright free content or create my own. In our film we used Patch’s original music which meant we had to ensure he was within IP regulations and copyright law.

What is copyright?

Copyright refers to the legal ownership of a product, brand or company. For example, you may legally copyright a material and therefore own the right to publish perform or print it. Having your own creations protected by copyright legally protects it from being stolen or copied; however it must be original in order to do so. The current copyright legislation in the UK is the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 – this is a set of laws around how the specific work can be used.

What materials may be subject to Copyright?
Film – title, plot / script
Dance / choreographs e.g. ballet
Architecture – building designs
Music – lyrics, melody, rhythm
Art – paintings, sculptures, drawings
Dramatic works = plays, screenplays, film scripts
Literary works – novels, poems, scripts

How do regulations affect the use of Copyright materials?
Regulations around Copyright mean people are rightfully credited for their work and stops plagiarism, for example Copyright laws are in place to stop people illegally downloading songs on the internet for free instead of paying for their music.

How has the Copyright regulations affected the use of my film?
Although the Copyright regulations did not massively affect the use of my film it did mean not being able to use certain songs and avoiding filming shots with specific brands in frame.



  1. Sarah Belfield

    Luckily you had Patch in your team who creates his own music!

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