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Health and Safety

Ruby Barnes

Ruby Barnes

I am interested in becoming a filmmaker, particularly within the comedy/drama genre, however I am fascinated with the making of…

Health and Safety

Section 1 Health and Safety

Imole and I (as producers) created a detailed health and safety risk assessment as well as ensure that these criteria were met. Health and safety is important in film production as it ensures that no accidents will occur and if they do they can be handled efficiently and safely. This would mean that they don’t stop production and that the wellbeing of the crew is maintained. If health and safety requirements are met it would also create a professional environment that others are more likely to respect and be interested in.



  1. Sarah Belfield

    Well done Ruby you have achieved assessment criteria 1.3 Describe the key aspects of health and safety when working on film productions

  2. Sarah Belfield

    Well done Ruby you have achieved learning outcome 1:Understand film industry working practices and legislation

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