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Ruby Barnes

Ruby Barnes

I am interested in becoming a filmmaker, particularly within the comedy/drama genre, however I am fascinated with the making of…

Progression Routes

Good Story-

To trigger us into considering a structure and/or message for our documentaries we were given a masterclass in what makes a good story and challenged us to consider whether our film fit these criteria as yet.

What makes a good story:

-Clear Intention

-Engaging characters


Good Documentary:

-ACCESS to the subject

-Interesting contributors

-Intellectual and Emotional tie to the film

-Possibly raises more questions that it answers

Liz Banks-

We were given the opportunity to have a masterclass from documentary maker Liz Banks who showed us a couple of her short films and told us how she started in the film industry (as a secretary) and how her background influenced her filmmaking.

These were some of the points I found interesting:

Consider the drama/performance style as a possibly within documentary
“Documentary enables me to tell as close to the truth as I can”
Bring in your own experience
Challenge the established form
Play and experiment with sound
Avoid voice over unless completely necessary (voice of god style)

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