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Job Roles

Ruby Barnes

Ruby Barnes

I am interested in becoming a filmmaker, particularly within the comedy/drama genre, however I am fascinated with the making of…

Film Production Roles


This is a pivotal role as the director is the link between the production, creative and technical teams. The style and structure if the film are decided by the director but the job also involves casting, script editing, shot composition, shot selection and editing.


Producers undertake all organisational aspects. Their first job is to bring the cast and crew together. They raise developing finance and supervise the process. They also approve locations, studio hire, the final shooting script, production schedule and budget. A producer acts primarily as the link between all departments on a film (director, actors, crew, post-production).

Camera Operator

This entails communicating between the director, director of photography and the actors the achieve the intended visual style. They must also be responsible for setting up and operating camera equipment as well as managing any other staff surrounding the camera teams (e.g. if multiple cameras are used).

Sound Recordist

Often the highest quality sound is recording on location or on set in synchronisation with the camera. A sound recordist must communicate between the camera operator and sound editors.



This role involves tasks such as colour correcting and grading. This ensures the production has consistency as well as ensures the cinematography mirrors the directors visual intention.


  1. Sarah Belfield

    Well done Ruby, this is a really nice summary of key production roles. You have attained assessment criteria 2.1 ‘identify key job roles and responsibilities in film production’. Please post your diagram of the production department showing lines of communication between key roles.

  2. Sarah Belfield

    Hi Ruby, you have shown understanding of roles in documentary production and how they interrelate.

  3. Sarah Belfield

    Overall you have achieved learning outcome 2: Understand professional development opportunities within the film industry

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