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Kerisha S

Kerisha Stephenson

Hi I’m Kerisha

I’m an 18 year old student studying Media, Creative Writing and Performing Arts Music at St.Brendan’s Sixth Form College.

I was first introduced to film and media in year 8 when I took part in a competition called ‘Lights,Camera, Parliament’ where students had to make a short film about changing one law. This was when I really got into the concept of filming, editing, photography and sound. It was just great to be apart of producing something that would be seen by other people and that would hopefully have a powerful impact on everyone who saw it.

Studying GCSE and A- Level Media has been nothing but a fantastic and surreal experience where instead of just watching a film or reading an article, you are actually becoming increasingly curious and motivated to know more about its production and purpose.

Being apart of a film production always makes me feel like I’m learning all of the behind the scenes secrets and its absolutely great! I don’t think there is anything I’m more passionate about than Film and Media.

Kerisha Stephenson's posts

Akira Planning and Filmic Feedback

Posted on Thu 30 Apr 2015

COORDINATING A MARKETING EVENT FOR A FILM I wasn’t actively involved towards the end of planning for the event but at the start and towards the end of planning this is what both myself and the members of the BFI group did.   Planning stages…

Possible Films and Audiences

Posted on

Possible Films and Audience Target Audience: Our target audience is young people. Genres Discussed: Folk Noir Western Sci-fi (too overdone) Neo-Tokyo Dystopian/Futuristic   What film will we show for the event? The Rover- David Michôd (15) No Country for Old Men- Coen Bros (15) Bonnie…

Doc Research

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Scripts and Treatments Ella’s doc related vids I watched TV Shorts Some others   My Doc Idea: Youth Homelessness Films/videos and clips         Children Underground (2001) The Oasis (2008) Underneath the Arches- Owen Spencer Thomas Light up the streets…

Working Relationships

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Unit 01 3.1 – 3.3 Develop effective working relationships with film production team members   Name of candidate: Kerisha Stephenson   TUTOR/ASSESSORDISCUSSION WITH CANDIDATE Ask the candidate what qualities are needed to work well with others: Patience Good Communication skills Good Listening skills Adaptable Committed…

Unit 1- 4.1 Resources and Technical Skills

Posted on

Equipment: Camera (Sony PMW EX1R XD) Tripod Tripod Head x2 32GB card readers headphone Shotgun Mic (Rhode) Radio Mic Boom Mic Boom Pole XLR connector leads for the Microphones spares (battery, charger, boom mic wind cover, rain cover etc.) Crew: Director Producer Camera Operator Boom Operator Performers…

Sound Masterclass

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To start of we watched a bit of ‘Tribal Wives’ to think about where the sound used in it came from. Sync Sound (on location/joint to picture) Main Interview- Wild track- Ambient sounds within a room (record the sound of a room e.g. club but…

Production Plan and Reflection of Production

Posted on Mon 16 Mar 2015

Plan for production shot list:   Cheap and Charming: The Houseboat Lifestyle  Brief Shoot Dates 13th-14th February Crew Director – Keri Stephenson                                          07767705397 Producer – Ella Dawson-Airey                                    07956362970 Camera – Dan Simpkins                                                07896661002 Editor – Luke Barnett                                                    07741487245 Mentor – Saskia Evans                                                  07813102573 Subject –…

Feedback to my Pitch

Posted on Wed 4 Mar 2015

The panel that listened to my pitch gave me feedback to why my documentary was not chosen and a part from the noticeable fact that i was so nervous, they said that my idea was too broad and not specific enough for it to be…

Chosen Doc I’ll work on

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Ella’s pitch was one of the ones chosen to be documented so I will be working as the Director for living on a boat. The documentary is meant to be about a young couple living on a houseboat in Bristol while raising questions on why some…