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5. Review British and World Film Productions

Review and critique a short film production

Review and discuss own choice of:

  • British film productions
  • World film productions

1) Include film detail at the top

Film Title, Director, Country, Year.

e.g. – Amy, Azif Kapadia, UK, 2015


2) Story outline (1 or 2 sentence summary)

Maybe describe the genre (if fiction film), or style (if documentary).

– what is the film trying to say/explore? thematic content that resonates with issues such as history, race, gender, sexuality, class, or the environment


3) What filming techniques are used?

– Feature Film – cinamatography, actors, use of sound, editing style, narrative structure, visual style.

– Documentary – hand held camera / face to camera interviews / re-enactments / experts / real life people /what locations are used/ editing style / narrative structure . 


4) and what effect do these give? how do they make you feel?


5) Who is the film aimed at (audience) and does the film work for the target audience – would you recommend it?



Watch films in the CINEMA if you can – Watershed show lots of British and World features

Focus on your area of interest e.g cinematography if your interest is in camera

Have an opinion – what you like/ don’t like and why

Read some previous reviews from the fab archive – look at reviews online

Listen to Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo podcast! It will change your life.