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1. Film Industry Working Practices and Legislation

1.1          Outline the working culture of the film industry

what is the working culture of the film industry?
what is specific to the film industry? – the cost of production and the pressures this puts on time and the amount of work needed, the size of crew, how people need to function as a unit, freelance work, the amount of organisation that goes into a production, how competitive TV and film are and what this means about the working culture and the qualities that you need.

How to Work and Survive in the Film and TV Industry: The 10 Commandments of…
Filmmaking Tips for the Independent Filmmaker
Filmmaking Tips, Articles and Resources for Independent Filmmakers

Working culture flow chart

1.2          Identify time management skills

time management table

1.3          Describe the key aspects of health and safety when working on film productions

health and safety in film brainstorm

risk assessment

1.4          Explain how regulations may affect the use of copyright materials

1.5          Identify materials which may be subject to copyright

Why does copyright law exist?

What kind of work is covered by copyright?

What might happen if you were to use copyrighted material in your film?

How can you make sure not to infringe copyright law in your film?

How has copyright law and other IP regulation affected your film production?