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Tom Stanimeros

Tom Stanimeros

My interest in film has always been Directors and the way each of them have a distinct way of telling a story. Some of my favourite directors include Martin Scorsese and Orson Wells, both of which I find to be inspirational in their work. The area of filmmaking that I have found my self to have the most interest is the story, I feel that without a powerful or gripping story, you can’t have a film that will have a strong impact on people. I find storytelling is the hardest but most satisfying area in filmmaking for me.

Currently I am on my gap year working as a Graphic Design Intern to save up and go travelling. I finished last year at college studying Media Production. I have grown up always making films and animations, but this past summer I finished shooting, what I would call, my ‘first’ short film which I wrote and Directed.

The area of film that I would like to gain more skills and knowledge in, would be directing and script writing. I feel these are the areas I have most passion in and would be interested in developing my skill set further. The different roles I could see myself taking up on the Academy film would would be Producer, Director or 1st AD as I have had experience in them before. Other roles I would also be interested in would be Animating or script writing, as I have a passion for these as well.

What I hope to gain from the BFI is a greater understanding of filmmaking itself and meeting others who are also passionate for the art. Next year I am hoping to study Film Production at University.


2. Professional Development

Professional Development in Film