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Tanya Hanlon

Tanya Hanlon

My main interest in the film industry would be in the art department. My predominant strength is stage make up, the props that compose the scene, costume, hair and setting. I have had previous experience in this field as i practice complex make up every day and I also do make up for my friends and family for events. Furthermore, I have been asked to do make up for every student in the performing arts department in my school for the up coming showcase. Additionally, to help me in this course i have had practice painting the set for the majority of showcases in my school as well as doing the make up for the actors in short films and music videos that i have made in the past. My previous experience and practice has hugely helped my to develop my skills to a great standard so that i can contribute to the BFI. Directing would be another thing i would like to explore in more detail as i have directed a short film before and felt like my creativity helps to make unique story lines.

The skills I would like to develop would be editing as editing is an essential element in conveying the correct emotion. I haven’t got an undeniable knowledge and if i did it would help me to project a message correctly. I would also like to learn about the different camera movements more to see which camera movement would be better to indicate certain things. I would also like to develop my skills in stage make up by practicing bruises and cuts.

I feel the BFI would help me to continue my desire of film making to make a future for my self. I would like a career in the media industry especially the artistic side and the BFI will definitely help me to improve my skills and give me confidence when seeking for jobs in this industry afterwards.

2. Professional Development

Professional development in film.