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Rhiannon Lewis

Rhiannon Lewis

My experience in the theater has lead me to be most interested in the acting side of making films, a career I wish to pursue in drama school. Aside from this I have a general knowledge of film from my media A-level. I love watching a variety of films in my spare time, from Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive, to Star Wars: A New Hope, to Gareth Evan’s The Raid.

1. Industry

Film Industry Culture


Health and safety

Time management

2. Professional Development

Progression routes

Masterclass: Matt Perry

Masterclass: Esther May Campbell

Masterclass: Fawn Mead, Noel Goodwin and Rob Savage

Job Roles

3. Working Relationships

Tutor feedback

Working relationships

4. Technical Skills

Resources for the film and production role

Initial skills vlog

5. Film Review

Embrace of the Serpent

Thunder Road

Production Diary

My role during the shoot