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Poppy Garrad

Poppy Garrad

Hi I’m Poppy, I’m very passionate about film particularly film visuals, which is why I’m mainly interested in cinematography and animation. My favourite animation house is Studio Ghibli (where I hope to work one day) I’m in love with their unique (mix of hand drawn and CGI) animation style and the strong attention to detail in their films, which I think works well with the thought provoking narrative of the films. My favourite directors are: Hayao Miyazaki, Wes Anderson and Wong Kar-Wai.

1. Industry

Film Industry Culture, Time Management, Health and Safety and Copyright

2. Professional Development

The Wider Creative Media Sector

Job Roles, Production Department Structure, Progression Routes and Masterclass

3. Working Relationships

Working Relationships and Tutor Observation

4. Technical Skills

Current Knowledge and Skills – My Production Role – Feedback and Review of my role

5. Film Review

Short Film Review and Feature Film Review

Production Diary

Production Diary