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Nathan Neal

Nathan Neal

From the small town of Thornbury. I enjoy photography and take lots of photos in my spare time. Have a strong passion in skateboarding and, during the summer, I almost cannot go a day without skating. I also strongly enjoy the idea of filming and editing my own material! However, I have crap editing software and not a lot of equipment for filming so I am unable to unleash my full potential. When I do edit though, I like to take my time into the detail of the sound and clip lengths as I like to coincide the two in order to create good content. My content is usually just skateboarding videos of myself that I post on Instagram but I am hoping to go further into it and create full length YouTube videos in the future. I also love music! Skateboarding, camera work and music basically sums me up.

1. Industry

Working Culture and Legislation in the Film Industry

2. Professional Development

Job Roles and Progression Routes in Film and the wider Creative Media sector

3. Working Relationships

Working Relationships

4. Technical Skills

My technical skills

5. Film Review

Film Reviews

Production Diary

Dropping In – Production Process