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Natalie Hall

Natalie Hall

Hey, I’m Natalie (or Nat, I don’t mind which)!

When I was 10, I used to make remakes of EastEnders with my friends where all the characters were zombies, which I think is what first sparked my interest in creating films. Back then I used a dusty old webcam and uploaded the 30 second long episodes straight to YouTube. I think I’ve got better at making little videos though!

In my spare time I like to go to gigs (most recent: Blossoms at O2 Academy), watch films (current favourite: “Submarine”) and travel (whenever I get the chance).


1. Industry

Film Industry Culture

2. Professional Development

Progression Routes


Film and the Wider Sector

Structure of the Production Department

Job Roles

3. Working Relationships

Working Collaboratively and Tutor Observation

4. Technical Skills

Feedback on my Role

Review of My Role

My Production Role

Current Knowledge, Understanding & Skills

5. Film Review

Submarine (2010), dir. Richard Ayoade

Beyond Beauty (2016)

Production Diary

Production Diary