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Milo Morris

Milo Morris

Hi, I’m Milo. I’m a seventeen year old playwright looking to branch out into film. I wrote an adaptation of The Hound Of The Baskervilles for the Egg Theatre Royal Bath, a two man show called Orpheus which premiered at the Rondo, and a film called Eli, which is being produced by Routeless Media. I want to gain the ability to tell stories across multiple mediums and this course seems like an excellent way to do that. I love the works of Joss Whedon and shows like Sense8 and Jessica Jones. I can’t wait to start on this film!

1. Industry


Health & Safety

Time Management

Industry Culture

Risk Assessment

2. Professional Development

Masterclass: Katie Mack

Progression Routes

Masterclass: Brian Moseley

Creative Media Sector

Structure of the Production Department

Job Roles

3. Working Relationships

Working Relationships & Tutor Feedback

4. Technical Skills

Review Of My Role

Feedback On My Role

My Job Role

Technical Skills

5. Film Review

One More Time With Feeling



Production Diary

Production Diary