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Mikael Techane

Mikael Techane

Hey! My names Mikael and my passions lie in creating emotionally driven film. I enjoy making documentaries and dramas but I definitely am focusing on the editing and animation side of film currently which is wear I’m hoping to mainly hone my abilities (even though any new knowledge is useful). I definitely love the hands on filming side of creating a film too and am hoping to become a lot more knowledgeable in this aspect.

1. Industry


2. Professional Development

Film and the wider media sector

3. Working Relationships

Working Relationships

4. Technical Skills

Current skills

5. Film Review

Dawn of the Deaf, Rob Savage, UK, 2016 and Origin: Spirits of the Past, Keiichi Sugiyama, Japan, 2006

Production Diary

Production Diary – Mikael Techane