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Margot Bertrand

Margot Bertrand

Hi I’m Margot, I am 18 and French.
After travelling around the world pretty much my whole life I ended up in Bristol. (I’d like to give you the list of all the countries I’ve been to but that would take ages).
As I said before I would like to become a script supervisor in the future and I am doing everything for it to happen!
I enjoy music, film (What a surprise!), travelling and art and maybe that’s a bit due to the fact that my parents raised me to be that kind of person.

1. Industry

Time Management

Film Industry Culture



2. Professional Development

Progression Routes

Structure of the Production Department

Masterclass: Fawn Mead/Rob Savage/Noel Goodwin

Film and the wider media sector

Job Roles

3. Working Relationships

Tutor Observation

Working Relationships

4. Technical Skills

Review of my role

Feedback on my role

My Production Role

Current Skills Vlog

5. Film Review



Production Diary


My Production Diary