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Lily Huang

Lily Huang

Hi! I’m Lily, 17 from Bristol. I am currently taking art, English literature and drama A levels and am hoping to go to uni next year to study film practice. Being from a more arty background, I am really into the visuals of film and the art department areas of filmmaking, as well as a bit of acting on the side. I really enjoy music (like most people), travel and baking.

1. Industry

Film Industry Culture

Risk Assessment


Time Management

2. Professional Development

Masterclass: Louie Blystad-Collins

Progression Routes

Film and the Wider Creative Media Sector

Masterclass: Fawn Mead, Rob Savage, Noel Goodwin

Roles In Film Production

3. Working Relationships

Working Relationships

Tutor Feedback

4. Technical Skills

Feedback on my Role

My Production Role

Current Skills

5. Film Review

The Young Offenders (2016)

Skyborn (2012)

Production Diary

Production Diary