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Lily Baron

Lily Baron

Hi I’m Lily and I love films (obviously, that’s why I’m here :P ). My favourite genre is sci-fi comedy and I love the films Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and The Fifth Element. I also love improv and was in a show in November 2016, and traveling and have been to many places including Berlin, Salamanca and Hong Kong last year.


1. Industry

Film industry

Call sheet day 1

Risk assessment

Production timeline

2. Professional Development

Masterclass: Esther May Campbell

Progression routes & after academy plans

Masterclass: Fawn Mead / Rob Savage / Noel Goodwin

Film and the wider media sector

Job Roles

3. Working Relationships

Working relationships

Tutor feedback

4. Technical Skills

Feedback and review of my role

My Production Role

Current skills vlog

5. Film Review



Production Diary

Production diary