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Hi! I am Lexie and I am passionate about animation, film, design and acting. I really love film and my favourite genres are action/adventure, fantasy, crime/thriller and dystopian!

I am interested in animation, storytelling and cinematography- In the future I am aiming to become an animator in film/television and hopefully create my own series!

Currently I am studying A-Levels in Art, Theatre Studies, Computer Science and Textiles, however I have taken Media Studies at GCSE along with Art and German.

As a filmmaker I have experience in Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Dragon Frame, After Effects and have been making videos on YouTube since 2014. I have taken apart in amazing film courses at the YouTube Space in London, Weston College and currently BFI Film Academy.

I have also been in theatre and acting for a large part of my life in companies such as the Bristol Old Vic, Tobbaco Factory and Plymouth Theatre Royal, taking a role in performance and theatre design.

I have experience in creating small animations in 2D traditional and digital, making a mini series called Steve the Balloon.

From the BFI course I would love to extend my skills in animation to a professional level and try my hand at directing and script writing- taking apart in a side of filmmaking in which I have less experience and hope to gain skills in.


2. Professional Development

Working in Film and Media