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Jordan Chim Woodhouse

Jordan Chim Woodhouse

Yooo, I’m Jordan (often mistaken for John Boyega somehow) from South London and I am currently studying Production and Performing Arts at SGS college (but wish i could study how to write bios). I have always had deep passion for acting in front of lights, camera and eyes ever since i was in primary but ironically never had any interest of producing, directing or even filming but when I finished studying sports and exercise sciences in 2015, I realised cinematography and producing is something i would love to do one day and I knew to myself that working behind the camera and scenes was something i believe i am destined to do.

1. Industry

film industry working culture

2. Professional Development


Masterclass: Louie Blystad-Collins

Film and the wider sector

Job Roles in the Industry

3. Working Relationships

working relationships – tutor observation

4. Technical Skills

My Role in Production

Current knowledge, understanding and skills

5. Film Review

Short Film: Hood Documentary, Kayode Ewumi, 2015

Zootopia, Bryan Howard & Rich Moore, 2016

Production Diary

Production Diary

Production schedule