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Jack Eyres

Jack Eyres

Hello, I am very passionate about film and cannot wait to start creating this short film. Some of my favorite films are The Thing and The Fly, which feature great in-camera effects which I particularly enjoy. My main interest is in Cinematography, as I am currently doing a Photography A-Level and enjoy the visual look of films. I also have experience in doing stop-motion animation, which I have been doing using LEGO as part of my course which is very enjoyable. I also have experience in using microphones and audio editing software as part of my Music Tech A-Level.

1. Industry

Health and Safety and Copyright

Working Culture in Film

Time Management

2. Professional Development

Masterclasses and Progression Routes

Job Roles in film and the Wider Creative media Sector

3. Working Relationships

working practice tutor feedback

4. Technical Skills

Feedback on my role

My Production Role

Current Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

5. Film Review

The Raid 2, World Cinema Review

Horseface Film Review – Jack Eyres

Production Diary

Production Diary