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Isaac Cochrane

Isaac Cochrane

Hi, I’m Isaac. I like cinematography, editing and ultra wide angle lenses and films with lots of reverbing sounds, those often being 1980’s dystopian sci-fi films. In the future, I hope to become a cinematographer but I also have an interest in editing, sound design and lighting.

I have been making animations for 8 years starting out as a hobby using LEGO which in recent years became a more serious hobby. Over the past year, I have however now temporarily moved away from animation focusing on making films in the real world and not sitting in a dark room every day for ten hours in which time my fascination with editing has grown which again seems to involve sitting in a dark room. My main interest in cinema however lies in cinematography often being more interested in how a film looks than whether it makes sense.


1. Industry

Working Culture

2. Professional Development

Professional Development

3. Working Relationships

teamwork and tutor observation

4. Technical Skills

My Technical Skills

5. Film Review

The Skin I Live In – Feature Film Review

Horseface Film Review

Production Diary

Production Diary