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Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith

I am a 17 year old student who has a keen interest in making short films with friends and industry professionals. I am infatuated with Dystopians and the enigmatic storylines they bring to life. I am very organised, hands on with any tasks, not afraid of a challenge and finally a very friendly and bubbly character.

Myself and fellow pupils recently collaborated with the Avon Police to create a short drama on ‘Radicalisation’. We transformed a ‘boring’ piece of text into a visual awareness video. I loved being a part of this project where I was able to share my creativeness and skills with other young people.

From working at the BFI I want to gain skills in all roles within film that I haven’t had the chance to experience. I want to be able to widen my skill set and experience doing editing, sound etc .

I have key skills in the organisation area of producing where I scout for locations, organise meetings between cast and staff on set. I would like to have more experience on the directing and cinematography aspect as I’ve had limited opportunity.

I have a part time job as a sales assistant in Monsoon Accessorize, I cater to customers, provide assistance and offer guidance. Even though my job is stressful at times, especially with challenging customers, my colleagues always find ways to cheer everyone up.

2. Professional Development

Professional Development in Film