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George Dibble

George Dibble

hi, im george. A 17 year old A level student from bristol ( well … close to bristol ) . My passions lie in the visuals to film and how film makers can portray stories in there own way. I have had expense in creating youtube content as well as short films. Also invested in the deeper meanings of films and hoping to explore these ideas in the course ….. so yeah you guessed it i am just another dirty hipster


1. Industry

time management, safety and copyright laws

film industry

2. Professional Development

progression routes

cinematography master class

film and wider creative media research

Job roles

3. Working Relationships

Tutor Assessment

4. Technical Skills

My production role

5. Film Review

Rams (2016)

Small talk ( 2015 )

Production Diary

final film

Shoot schedule

Risk assessment

production diary