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Emilia Quistelli

Emilia Quistelli

Emilia Quistelli is a Bristol based film director, cinematographer and photographer who has worked with the TV channel Made in Bristol, the record label Temple Records and has also made a lot of her own films in her own time. She takes inspiration from Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton and David Fincher.


1. Industry

Film Industry Culture


Health & Safety

Emilia’s Time Management

2. Professional Development

Progression Routes


Wider sector and Progression routes

Job Roles in documentary making!

3. Working Relationships

Emilia’s Working Relationships

4. Technical Skills

Emilia’s Directing Feedback

Emilia’s Role as a Director

Emilia’s Technical Skills!

5. Film Review

‘Victoria’ World Cinema Review

‘BOY’ Short Film Review

Production Diary

Emilia’s Production Diary