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Chloe Collins-Cole

Chloe Collins-Cole

Love filming and editing… mostly the editing. I have a gaming YouTube channel “CVCC” which I’m trying to grow on! Incase you couldn’t tell, I also love to game.

I started off creating self-taught short movies/music videos when I was 13, using iMovie and my iPhone 5C. I have now developed my skills to work on Final Cut Pro and using a Cannon 600D as well as the occasional use of my green screen.

I worked on set with TOWIE (also known as The Only Way Is Essex) in Marbella in 2015. I worked as an extra on set, and while acting, watched and learned how the director and camera ops worked cohesively.

I already know how to edit well on iMovie and Final Cut Pro, as well as use a Cannon camera, microphone and some lighting.

From this course I would like to develop my skills using the Adobe Premiere editing software, as in the future, I would like to work as a music video or documentary editor!

I hope to leave this course with better knowledge of how the film industry works and learn how to find contacts in the media industry to enable me to find good work.


2. Professional Development

Professional Development

5. Film Review

Film Reviews