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Alba Gracie

Alba Gracie

Hello, I am Alba, I am 19 years old and I live in Bristol. One of my favourite directors is David Fincher. My current interest in filmmaking is in the production side, especially producing and in the art department (production design). I am interested in the visual look of a film and how the costumes, styling, production design, colour palette and textures can express so much about a character and the atmosphre of a film and how these elements add to the storyline and characters.
I enjoy painting, designing, drawing and making things with my hands.
As part of my education I have studied A levels in Art, Creative Media, Acting, Psychology and Spanish. Earlier this year I completed a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. I am taking this year to gain experience in filmmaking to expand my portfolio and knowledge in the field to apply for a Higher Education course in the near future.

As part of my education and on a volunteer basis I have taken the role of producer for four short films, I have directed 2 short films and made a short documentary.

I would like to improve my skills in sound recording and cinematography.
I would also like to have the opportunity to direct and produce on this course, as well as learn as much as possible in the areas available.

What I intend to achieve from the BFI is to learn and create a great documentary. I am also interested in taking part in one of BFI Residential programmes in February. I am also going to apply to the Production Design residential with the NFTS.

A link to a film called Vanished:

2. Professional Development

Job roles in a Production and getting into the industry.

Production Diary

Wednesday session 6/11/17 – Refining ideas